You have no authority to issue a mask mandate for these students. You have no legal authority to override a state judge. You have no legal authority to punish students who ignore your unlawful and ridiculous power grab designed to create an entire class of submissive adults who won’t fight unconstitutional rules.

Private schools have been in person learning for 2 years. None of them have worn masks. Have you seen a huge outbreak of deaths from any of the local private school kids?? You know if you had it would be all over the news that children were dying.

In Platte County, according to the Platte County COVID website, there have been zero deaths of school age children.

If you are about science and data, you’d look at the graph below and stop this nonsense right now.

A reckoning is coming. Come April 5th, there will be new school board members who won’t back down to your insane power grabs. We as parents will take back your power and put into action a commonsense future for our kids. I will be one of those board members and look forward to seeing you all retire and move on to pastures that don’t negatively impact our kids.