They have done it again. The Park Hill School board has voted 6-1 to put masks back on our children. Did they create any caveats for children who may be autistic or unable to comprehend why someone is putting a mask on them? No. Did they base any of the decisions about masking on science? No.

At one point, it was said that single layer masks don’t work but double layered or triple layered masks “may help”. Who are they trying to protect? The kids? I doubt it considering they don’t die from this. The point of the matter isn’t about masks. It’s about the freedom to live your life without being told how, when, or where to do it. There is nothing wrong with wearing a mask if you feel it protects you. Just don’t force otherwise healthy people to do so because of your fear.

Under what law did they have the authority to force us to mask our children?

It’s time to resist. Tell your children they don’t have to wear masks if they don’t want to. Tell your children they have a right to an education free of the barriers placed on their faces. Resist and resist in numbers. Or take your children out of public schools and place them in private schools that for 2 years have allowed their children to learn in school and mask free. It’s time to Resist.